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AI video creation tool launched by Google


What is Google Vids

Google Vids is an AI-powered video creation tool launched by Google for its Google Workspace collaboration platform. It aims to help users easily create and share work-related video content. By integrating simple prompts and materials, users can generate storyboards and edit videos. The tool comes with a rich media library and editing tools, supporting voiceover and text-to-speech functionalities. Emphasizing collaboration, it allows sharing and commenting. Google Vids simplifies the video production process, enabling non-professional users to create video content effortlessly, enhancing communication and interactivity in various work scenarios.

Currently in limited beta testing, Google Vids is expected to debut in June 2024 within Workspace Labs. Its goal is to improve work communication efficiency and make video a new medium in daily work.

Main Features of Google Vids

  • Video Creation Assistance: Users can start the video creation process by inputting the video’s goal, audience, and length. Google Vids generates an initial storyboard based on the description.
  • Material Integration: Users can link documents and other resources from Google Drive to the video, providing content support.
  • Storyboard Editing: The generated storyboard can be edited, allowing users to reorder, delete, or add video clips to better tell their story.
  • Video Style Selection: Users can choose different video styles, and Google Vids will automatically splice the video, recommend scenes, images, and background music based on the selected style.
  • AI Video Editing: Google Vids uses AI to help edit videos, including auto-generating a first draft and providing sound effects.
  • Voiceover and Text-to-Speech: The app includes a recording studio feature for users to record their own voice or use preset voices for voiceovers. It also supports text-to-speech conversion for adding narration.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Users can share videos with team members, allowing them to comment, leave notes, and edit the video collaboratively. It also supports exporting videos as MP4 for use on other platforms.

How to Use Google Vids

Google Vids is currently in limited beta testing and not yet available to all users. It will launch in June 2024 via Workspace Labs. If you are a Google Workspace user, stay tuned for updates from Google to try the app when it becomes available. If you are not a user, you may need to wait until Google Vids is more widely released.

Application Scenarios for Google Vids

Unlike other AI video generation tools aimed at creating movies or short films, Google Vids focuses on work and business environments, aiming to improve communication efficiency and the appeal of content expression.

  • Team Reviews and Updates: Create videos to review team achievements, milestones, or update project progress, making information more intuitive and engaging.
  • Training and Education: Create training videos for new employee onboarding, skill enhancement courses, or product usage tutorials to improve learning efficiency and material attractiveness.
  • Internal Communication: Replace traditional text emails with video format for weekly, monthly, or other periodic updates to increase information readability and employee engagement.
  • Product Demonstrations and Pitches: Create product introduction videos to showcase new features, product advantages, and use cases to customers or teams.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Create promotional videos for marketing campaigns, brand promotion, or social media sharing to attract potential customers and enhance brand image.
  • Meeting Records: Record and edit meeting content into videos for team members who couldn’t attend, allowing them to review and understand key points.
  • Celebrations and Recognitions: Create videos to celebrate company successes, commemorate special events, or recognize outstanding employees, enhancing team cohesion and sense of belonging.
  • Customer Proposals: Use video proposals to showcase solutions, service processes, or collaboration advantages to potential customers, enhancing the professionalism and persuasiveness of the proposals.

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