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What is Mootion?

Mootion is an innovative AI-native 3D creation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to simplify and accelerate the process of creating 3D animations. The platform offers a variety of AI tools and services, enabling users to create and edit 3D animated content in a simple and efficient manner. Mootion aims to build an AI-driven creative hub encompassing 3D, video, animation, and gaming, serving as a platform that inspires creativity, fosters sharing, and promotes collaboration.


Main Features of Mootion

  • Text-to-Motion: Allows users to generate 3D animations by inputting text descriptions. Whether it’s daily scenes, combat actions, dances, or fantasy movements, Mootion can transform these descriptions into vivid 3D character animations. Users can also integrate these animations with existing 3D files or videos for content design.
  • Motion-to-Video: Enables users to create videos from 3D motions. Users can select preset 3D motions, and Mootion will generate videos based on user prompts, suitable for telling stories in both short and long formats.
  • Video-to-Motion: An AI-driven motion capture tool where users can upload existing videos. Mootion analyzes the actions in the video and generates corresponding 3D motions. These motions can be exported as 3D files for various 3D applications.

How to Use Mootion

  1. Sign Up and Log In: First, visit the Mootion website and register an account. If you already have an account, simply log in.
  2. Create a New Project:
    • After logging in, click on the “Create New Project” button.
    • Enter the project name and description, then select the project type (e.g., Text-to-Motion, Motion-to-Video, Video-to-Motion).
  3. Input and Upload Content:
    • For Text-to-Motion, input a detailed text description, such as “a dancing robot.”
    • For Motion-to-Video, select preset 3D motions and add scenes or effects as needed.
    • For Video-to-Motion, upload an existing video file, and Mootion will automatically perform motion capture and analysis.
  4. Edit and Customize:
    • Use the platform’s real-time editing tools to modify and adjust animation effects instantly.
    • Select 3D models, scenes, or other elements from the asset library and add them to your project.
    • Enhance the video with background music, subtitles, and more.
  5. Preview and Export:
    • After editing, click “Preview” to view the final effect.
    • If satisfied, choose to export the video or 3D file. Mootion supports exporting in various formats for use on different platforms.
  6. Publish and Share:
    • Directly publish the generated content to supported platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, or download and upload manually.
    • Share the project via social media or team collaboration tools for collaborative work.
  7. Collaboration Features:
    • Invite team members to join the project and work together on editing and refining content.
    • Use built-in collaboration tools for communication and feedback to increase project completion efficiency.

Pricing for Mootion

  • Free Plan:

    • 200 free credits per month
    • Text-to-Motion and Motion-to-Video features

    Standard Plan:

    • $10 per month ($96 annually)
    • 1000 credits per month
    • Text-to-Motion and Motion-to-Video features
    • Additional credits recharge
    • Fast generation and other benefits

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