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A tool for AI to generate dynamic video of characters


What is Viggle AI

Viggle AI is an innovative AI-powered tool for generating dynamic character videos. It leverages the JST-1 model, which understands real physical motion, allowing for precise control of character movements in static images or videos. Users can add various actions and expressions, such as smiling or waving, to characters via text commands or video materials, making them appear lifelike. The intuitive interface of Viggle AI requires no complex technical background, enabling both professionals and beginners to create professional-grade animations with ease. Additionally, Viggle AI offers background removal and stylization features, expanding creative possibilities. Currently, Viggle is in a free beta phase and can be accessed through its Discord server.

Main Features of Viggle AI

  1. Mix (Video + Character Image Mixing): Users can upload a video and a character image, and use the /mix command to let Viggle AI transfer the actions from the video to the character image, creating a new video. Viggle AI can handle complex actions such as body rotation and limb overlaps, ensuring precise motion replication.
  2. Animate (Text Prompt to Animate Static Characters): Using the /animate command, users can directly animate static characters with text action prompts. This method eliminates the need for video materials, allowing users to quickly generate dynamic effects based on selected or custom action prompts.
  3. Ideate (Text to Dynamic Character Video Generation): With the /ideate command, Viggle AI supports generating dynamic character videos directly from text prompts. Users can describe the characters and actions, and Viggle AI will create and animate the characters based on the descriptions.
  4. Stylize (Real Photo Stylization): Through the /stylize command, Viggle AI can stylize real photos and add dynamic effects, creating diverse video effects. Users can define the desired style through text prompts, such as 3D animation or Pixar style.
  5. Character (Text Prompt to Generate Static Character Images): The /character command allows users to generate static character images through text prompts, describing the character’s appearance and features, such as clothing, hairstyle, and expressions. Viggle AI will generate the corresponding character image based on these descriptions.

How to Use Viggle

  1. Join the Viggle AI Discord Server: Visit the Viggle AI official website ( and click “Join the Beta” to join the Viggle AI Discord server.
  2. Command Usage: On the Discord server, you can find instructions for using various commands. The main commands include /mix, /animate, /ideate, and /stylize.
  3. Upload Materials: Choose the appropriate command based on your needs. For example, when using the /mix command, upload a video and a character image; when using the /animate command, upload a character image and provide a dynamic description.
  4. Enter Descriptions: For /animate and /ideate commands, you need to enter text action prompts describing the actions you want the character to perform.
  5. Set Parameters: Set parameters such as background color or whether to enable fine-tuning as needed.
  6. Generate Animation: After entering the command and uploading the required materials, press Enter to send the request. Viggle AI will process your request and generate the animation.
  7. View and Download: You can preview the generated animation online. If satisfied, you can download it for local use.

Applications of Viggle AI

  1. Social Media Content Creation: Content creators on social media platforms can use Viggle AI to quickly create engaging animated videos, increasing follower interaction and engagement.
  2. Advertising and Marketing: Advertisers and marketers can use Viggle AI to create eye-catching ad animations, showcasing products or services in unique ways and enhancing brand awareness.
  3. Education and Training: Educators can use Viggle AI to create educational animations that explain complex concepts or processes in a vivid and engaging way, improving learning efficiency.
  4. Entertainment and Gaming: Game developers and the entertainment industry can use Viggle AI to create personalized characters and animations, adding novel elements to games or films.
  5. Personalized Video Production: Individual users can use Viggle AI to create personalized videos, such as birthday wishes or holiday greetings, creating special memories for friends and family.

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