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What is Clipfly

Clipfly is an all-in-one AI video production platform developed by Chengdu Hengtu Technology, the company behind the AI image tool Fotor. It aims to provide users with a comprehensive solution from idea generation to video completion. This product integrates multiple features, including AI video generation, AI video enhancement, and video editing, allowing users to complete the conversion and editing from text to video on one platform. Clipfly’s goal is to simplify the video production process so that any user, regardless of professional video editing skills, can easily create high-quality video content.

Main Features of Clipfly

  • AI Video Generation: Users can generate video frames by entering text prompts. Clipfly will create corresponding video content based on these text prompts, supporting various styles such as photography, animation, concept art, and cinematic.
  • Video Editor: Clipfly includes a video editor that allows users to clip generated video segments, add subtitles, music, and perform other regular video editing tasks like adjusting video length and cropping frames.
  • Video Enhancement: This feature helps users improve video quality by automatically adjusting parameters like brightness, saturation, and contrast, making videos look more vivid and professional.
  • Photo Animation: Users can use this feature to animate static photos, adding dynamic effects to make them more attractive and interesting.
  • Virtual Talking Heads: Clipfly provides a unique feature that can convert a person’s portrait into a talking virtual character, using natural voice overlay to make the photo appear as if it is speaking.
  • Video Clarity Enhancement: For low-quality or poorly shot videos, Clipfly offers a video clarity enhancement tool to improve video sharpness and enhance the viewing experience.
  • Media Library Resources: Clipfly provides a rich media library, including stickers, images, music, transition effects, and text effects that users can directly use to enrich and personalize their videos.

How to Use Clipfly to Generate Videos

  1. Visit Clipfly’s official website ( and click “Try for free,” then register/log in.
  2. Click on the “AI Tools” menu at the top, select “AI Video Generator,” and then click “Get Started.”
  3. Enter prompts in the “Prompts” section, select the number of frames, and then click “Generate Frame.”
  4. Finally, select the video frames, click “Generate a Video” to create the video, and wait for the video to be generated.
  5. Once the video is generated, it can be downloaded or you can continue generating video segments to merge into a longer video.

Clipfly Pricing

  • Free Version: New users receive 20 free AI credits upon registration. Generating one video frame consumes 1 credit, creating one video consumes 5 credits, and enhancing video quality consumes 5 credits per minute of video.
  • Pro Paid Version: $14.99 per month (or $99.99 per year), providing 200 credits per month, supporting 4K video export, access to 1200+ audio materials, 39,000+ copyrighted stickers, 5500+ copyrighted images, 100+ copyrighted videos, 210+ fonts, 2GB+ cloud storage, audio extraction, and export videos as MP3, among other benefits.

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