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What is Viva

Viva, launched by, is a free AI creative visual generation platform that offers various generation functions such as text-to-image, text-to-video, and image-to-video. Users can input descriptive text or upload images, and Viva AI will generate realistic short videos. The platform features AI video generation, AI image enhancement, video enhancement, creative filters, and automatic background removal. It supports various video parameter settings, such as aspect ratio and motion intensity, and offers 4K resolution upscaling. Viva aims to help users easily create and enhance visual content, making every moment vibrant.

Main Features of Viva

  • AI Video Generation: Viva AI breaks the boundaries of traditional video production by generating engaging video content based on text descriptions (text-to-video) or existing images (image-to-video), providing unlimited possibilities for video creators.
  • AI Image Generation: Utilizing AI’s powerful capabilities, Viva AI can create new visual works based on user text descriptions or existing images, significantly enriching the dimensions of image creation.
  • AI Image Enhancement: The platform’s AI image enhancement feature can significantly improve the clarity, color, and details of images, making each image shine with professional quality.
  • AI Video Enhancement: Viva AI’s video enhancement technology can deeply optimize video content, whether by improving resolution (up to 4K) or enhancing dynamic effects, making video content more vivid and attractive.
  • Image Redrawing: Viva AI’s image redrawing feature allows users to transform the style or appearance of images, meeting personalized design needs and creating unique visual experiences.
  • Image Expansion: Using intelligent algorithms, Viva AI can seamlessly expand the frame or content of images while maintaining image quality, providing users with greater creative space.
  • Image Removal: Viva AI’s automatic background removal feature allows users to easily remove background elements from images, focusing on highlighting the subject and simplifying complex image editing processes.

How to Use Viva to Generate Videos

  1. Visit Viva’s official website (, or the domestic version at
  2. Select “Text to Video.”
  3. Enter prompts, set negative prompts, video aspect ratio, and motion intensity.
  4. Click “Generate” and wait for the video to be created.
  5. Alternatively, choose “Image to Video” to upload an image for video generation.

Application Scenarios of Viva

  • Social Media Content: Creators can use Viva to generate interesting video content to attract followers and increase engagement on social media platforms.
  • Advertising Production: Businesses or individuals can use Viva to quickly create advertisement videos, saving costs while maintaining creativity and appeal.
  • Film and Video Production: Filmmakers and video editors can use Viva as a tool for early-stage creativity and concept validation.
  • Artistic Creation: Artists and designers can use Viva to transform their creative ideas into visual works, exploring new forms of artistic expression.
  • Personal Entertainment: Users can create personalized videos for themselves or friends to commemorate special moments or share life stories.

For more information, visit Viva or

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