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GhostCut is an intelligent video editing tool integrated with artificial intelligence technology. It helps users quickly remove text from videos, de-duplicate videos, automatically translate video text and speech, and perform video erasing operations. Users can easily access these features through the web version, enhancing the efficiency and quality of video editing. Additionally, GhostCut offers open API interfaces, facilitating integration with third-party products.

Ghostcut’s main feature

  • Automatic Text Removal: Utilizes intelligent OCR technology to detect and remove text from videos, including hard-coded subtitles, floating watermarks, and both Chinese and English watermarks.Video De-duplication: Employs a vast array of editing modes to help users create unique videos, avoiding content repetition and enhancing video originality.

    Automatic Video Voice Translation: Automatically extracts and translates speech from videos, then synthesizes new speech using TTS technology, while automatically aligning the original visuals, voice, and subtitles.

    Automatic Video Text Translation: Intelligently detects text within videos, translates it, and repositions it according to the original text style and location, using inpainting to maintain video integrity.

    Image Translation and Automatic Erasure: Removes text from images, supports multiple languages, and uses AI technology for precise text detection and erasure.

    Short Drama Commentary and Precision Translation: Automatically extracts lines and character markers, generates commentary or translation based on the plot, and aligns audio and video, significantly saving editing time.

    API Interface Support: Provides API functions for video de-duplication, automatic text removal, video erasure, subtitle translation, and voice translation, facilitating third-party integration.

GhostCut Target Users

  • Content Creators: Individuals or teams who need to quickly edit and publish video content, especially those aiming to attract audiences on different platforms.
  • Global Trade Clients: Those involved in international business, needing to translate video content into different languages to cater to various markets.
  • MCN (Multi-Channel Network) Agencies: Organizations managing multiple content creators and video channels, requiring efficient video content editing and optimization.
  • E-commerce Sellers: Businesses using videos for product presentation and marketing, needing to remove watermarks or add multilingual subtitles to attract international buyers.
  • Educational Institutions: Organizations producing or editing educational videos, translating course content into various languages for students from different countries.
  • Video Translation Service Providers: Companies offering video localization services, needing efficient removal of original subtitles and addition of new language subtitles.
  • Video Post-Production Professionals: Professional video editors who need to enhance their workflow efficiency using AI technology, particularly for text removal or voice translation in videos.

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