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What is KreadoAI

KreadoAI is an AI-powered digital marketing video creation platform designed to simplify and optimize the video content creation process. By inputting text or keywords, users can create videos featuring real or virtual characters. The platform supports over 300 real digital characters and offers multilingual text-to-speech synthesis and video creation, enabling creators to easily produce engaging marketing videos. It also includes creative tools such as AI copywriting, AI voiceover, and AI models to help users enhance content production efficiency and quality, maximizing marketing effectiveness.

Main Features of KreadoAI

  • Digital Human Video Creation: The platform offers over 300 digital characters of different ages, skin colors, and professions. Users can select suitable characters and generate realistic speaking videos using text-to-speech technology, meeting various marketing needs.
  • Digital Human PPT Narration: Users can upload PPT documents to the platform, and KreadoAI can convert the content into digital human narration videos, enhancing the presentation’s expressiveness and audience engagement.
  • Photo Digital Human Narration: Using AI technology, the platform can animate static photos of people to create talking videos, providing users with an innovative interactive experience.
  • AI Copywriting: The platform quickly generates multilingual advertising copy, helping users save time on copywriting while enhancing the appeal of marketing content.
  • AI Voiceover: Offering over 140 language options, users can choose suitable voices and languages for their video content, making it more international and diverse.
  • AI Models: Users can quickly generate virtual digital models for clothing displays, advertising shoots, etc., significantly reducing the cost and time of physical shoots.
  • AI Real Person Models: By uploading photos of real models, the platform can generate images of models with different skin colors and appearances, providing users with diverse model options.
  • AI Intelligent Cutout: The platform offers one-click online background removal services, allowing users to quickly remove backgrounds from images for subsequent image editing and video production.
  • Character Cloning: By submitting a 5-minute video, the platform can create a highly realistic digital character clone, replicating the person’s expressions and movements.
  • Voice Cloning: Users can submit a 5-minute audio clip, and the platform will replicate the real person’s voice and intonation, achieving realistic voice cloning that supports switching between multiple languages.

How to Use KreadoAI to Create Digital Human Narration Videos

  1. Visit KreadoAI’s official website ( and click “Start Free Trial” to register/login.
  2. After logging in, enter the creation interface and click “Real Digital Human Narration” to start creating.
  3. Select a digital character, then input the narration script on the right side and preview the effect.
  4. Set the digital human background and preview the effect.
  5. Finally, click “Generate Video” to create the video.

KreadoAI Pricing

  • Free Version: KreadoAI offers a free trial, allowing users to create 1-minute videos with a maximum of 200 characters per scene, 3 free digital humans, watermarked videos, and personal use only.
  • Premium Version: ¥200 per month (¥168 for continuous monthly subscription, ¥1608 per year), offering 30 minutes of video creation, a maximum of 2400 characters per scene, 300+ digital characters, 10-minute audio uploads per session, no watermark, and commercial usage rights.
  • Professional Version: ¥490 per month (¥441 for continuous monthly subscription, ¥4236 per year), offering 70 minutes of video creation, a maximum of 5000 characters per scene, 300+ digital characters, 10-minute audio uploads per session, no watermark, and commercial usage rights.

For more information, please refer to KreadoAI’s pricing page.

Target Audience for KreadoAI

  • Marketing Professionals: Marketers responsible for brand promotion, advertisement production, and marketing campaigns can use KreadoAI to quickly generate engaging video content, enhancing marketing effectiveness.
  • Content Creators: Bloggers, video bloggers, social media influencers, and others can use KreadoAI’s digital human video creation and AI copywriting features to improve content production efficiency and quality.
  • Educational Institutions: Teachers and trainers can use the platform’s PPT narration feature to create educational videos, enhancing teaching interactivity and learning outcomes.
  • Corporate Trainers: Internal corporate trainers can use KreadoAI to produce training videos, improving the quality and efficiency of employee training.
  • E-commerce Sellers: E-commerce sellers can use the AI model and AI real person model features to quickly generate product demonstration videos, increasing product appeal.
  • Live Streaming Sellers: Using KreadoAI’s character cloning, voice cloning, and digital human live streaming features, businesses can create unique virtual hosts for live streaming, offering a novel shopping experience to attract more viewers.
  • Advertising Agencies: Creative personnel in advertising agencies can use KreadoAI’s various tools to quickly create ad prototypes, shortening the time from concept to execution.
  • Individual Users: For individuals looking to create personalized videos, KreadoAI offers simple and easy-to-use creation tools for making and editing videos.

For more information, you can visit KreadoAI.

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