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What is Capsule?

Capsule is an AI-powered video editor designed for enterprise teams (available for free for individuals and small teams). It aims to help content and marketing teams create videos efficiently and effortlessly by combining a simple, intuitive interface with AI that automates editing tasks. Capsule innovatively introduces a new video clip production interface that eliminates the need for timelines, layers, or keyframe animations!

Key Features of Capsule

  1. AI CoProducer:
    • This intelligent producer helps users quickly handle clip editing, transitions, beat synchronization, object tracking, script generation, and B-roll, allowing users to focus on higher-level creative choices.
  2. Smart Aspect Ratio Adjustment:
    • CapsuleScript offers a responsive design solution that intelligently switches between video ratios such as 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 1:1, 2:3. It automatically crops and matches the corresponding frame.
  3. Brand Video Design System:
    • Creators can develop reusable branded motion graphic templates and assets, enabling the team to quickly create videos adhering to brand guidelines. It also allows easy management of libraries for animated logos, colors, fonts, etc.
  4. Cloud Collaboration:
    • Users can invite members to join the workspace, allowing multiple team members to work and edit on the same project simultaneously, facilitating efficient collaboration across different platforms.

Capsule Pricing Plans

Capsule currently offers a Business version and an Enterprise version:

  1. Business Version:
    • Price: Free
    • Designed for small teams and individuals. It supports unlimited collaborators, the creation of up to 3 projects, and includes access to AI CoProducer.
  2. Enterprise Version:
    • Price: Contact for pricing
    • Designed for large teams and enterprises. It supports unlimited collaborators, unlimited projects, and a custom motion design system.

For more detailed information and to explore the full capabilities of Capsule, visit their official website.

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