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LTX Studio

AI film production and video video generation platform


What is LTX Studio

LTX Studio is an innovative generative AI film production and short video generation platform launched by the renowned AI platform Lightricks, the company behind Facetune, Videoleap, and Photoleap. It allows users to generate micro-movie videos of over 25 seconds just by entering text descriptions. LTX Studio provides a visual professional video console, enabling users to precisely control multiple aspects of the video, including scene transitions, character design, scene consistency, camera angles, and lighting effects.

Main Features of LTX Studio

  • Text-to-Video Conversion: Users can generate corresponding video content (up to 25 seconds long) by entering text descriptions, such as story outlines, scene descriptions, or complete scripts.
  • Visual Video Console: LTX Studio offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to precisely control various aspects of the video, including adjusting scene transitions, character actions, scene layout, camera angles, and lighting effects.
  • Character and Scene Consistency: The platform ensures that characters’ appearances and behaviors remain consistent in each frame, maintaining scene coherence to produce high-quality video content.
  • Automated Editing: LTX Studio can automatically edit videos, including adding effects, music, and voiceovers, simplifying the post-production process.
  • AI Narration: The platform uses AI technology to transform users’ creative ideas or scripts into video production, incorporating not only static images but also dynamic narrative elements like character dialogue and plot development.
  • High-Quality Output: LTX Studio generates videos with high image quality and smoothness, meeting commercial-grade video standards.

How to Use LTX Studio

LTX Studio is currently in a free beta testing phase. Lightricks plans to start the first round of public testing for LTX Studio on March 27. Interested users can visit their official website ( and click “Join the Waitlist” to apply for free trial access by filling in their email.

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