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AI teaching video generation tool, can generate mathematical and physical problem interpretation video


What is Gatekeep

Gatekeep AI is an intelligent teaching tool that transforms complex math and physics problems into intuitive teaching videos. By inputting relevant text descriptions, users can generate approximately 2-minute videos that include charts, illustrations, and animations. These videos help learners better understand and master knowledge points through vivid explanations and visual presentations, thus enhancing learning efficiency and teaching quality. Gatekeep’s unique features and efficient learning experience provide an innovative solution for the educational field, optimizing the way knowledge is conveyed and offering learners a new, interactive learning approach.

Main Features of Gatekeep

  • Text-to-Teaching Video: Users input text prompts describing problems (e.g., Pythagorean theorem), and Gatekeep understands these prompts and generates corresponding teaching video content. This conversion makes abstract concepts and theories vivid and easy to understand.
  • Automatic Chart and Illustration Generation: To better explain mathematical formulas and scientific principles, Gatekeep automatically creates charts, illustrations, and animations. These visual elements help users grasp knowledge points more clearly.
  • Animated Principle Explanation: Gatekeep not only provides static charts but also demonstrates the application and changes of principles through animations, making learning more dynamic and interesting.
  • Video Narration: In addition to visual elements, Gatekeep includes explanatory content in the videos. Voiceovers help users understand the information presented in the videos better.
  • Focus on Math Learning: Gatekeep emphasizes its application in math education, presenting complex math problems and concepts simply and intuitively through videos.
  • Problem-Solving Demonstrations: Users can ask Gatekeep specific math or physics problems, and the AI will generate videos showing the problem-solving process, including step-by-step explanations and result verification.
  • Principle Proof Demonstrations: For mathematical theorems that require proof, Gatekeep generates videos that detail the proof process, helping users understand the logic behind the theorems.
  • Personalized Learning Experience: Gatekeep generates customized video content based on users’ needs and questions, offering a personalized learning experience.

How to Use Gatekeep AI

  1. Visit the Website: Go to Gatekeep’s website, click “Start Generating” and register/log in.
  2. Input Questions: After logging in, enter the question you want to explain in the input box and send it.
  3. Wait for Video Generation: Wait for about 2-3 minutes for the video to be generated.
  4. Edit and Learn: Edit the generated video, add explanations, and engage in chat conversations to delve deeper into the topic.
  5. Join Discord Server: You can also join Gatekeep AI’s Discord server ( for video generation.

Target Audience for Gatekeep

  • Students at All Levels: From elementary to higher education, students can use Gatekeep to aid their math and science learning. Gatekeep provides intuitive video explanations to help students understand and apply knowledge, whether it’s basic math concepts or complex physics principles.
  • Teachers and Educators: Teachers can use Gatekeep to enrich their teaching materials, bringing more interactivity and fun to the classroom. Videos can effectively explain difficult problems and serve as resources for after-class review.
  • Self-Learners: Adults learning on their own or professionals taking online courses to enhance skills can use Gatekeep as a convenient learning tool. Generated videos help quickly understand new concepts and accelerate learning.
  • Exam Preparers: Students and adults preparing for math or science-related exams (e.g., SAT, ACT, GRE) can use Gatekeep to reinforce understanding and memory of exam content, improving test-taking skills.
  • Professionals: Engineers, data analysts, and other professionals frequently using math and physics knowledge can use Gatekeep to quickly review and consolidate relevant knowledge, staying ahead in their field.
  • Non-Professional Learners: Those interested in math and science without a professional background can benefit from Gatekeep, which turns complex professional knowledge into easily understandable video content, lowering the learning threshold.

For more information, visit Gatekeep AI.

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