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Spikes Studio

AI automatically clips long video slices to short videos.


What is Spikes Studio

Spikes Studio is an AI-powered video auto-editing tool that analyzes and summarizes long videos, extracts key segments, and generates multiple short videos. It aims to simplify the video editing process for content creators, making it ideal for fast-paced social media platforms. Users can add subtitles, emojis, and adjust the visuals for personalized editing. Spikes supports various aspect ratios and is suitable for podcasts, game streams, and interview short videos. Even novice users can quickly get started, effectively enhancing work efficiency and content appeal.

Main Features of Spikes Studio

  • Auto Short Video Clipping: Utilizes AI algorithms to analyze long video content, identify key moments and important information, and condense them into short videos.
  • Dynamic Multi-Character Subtitles: Allows adding dynamic subtitles to videos, making dialogue or interview videos more lively, and supports multi-character subtitles to enhance video expressiveness.
  • Personalized Editing: Users can further edit auto-generated videos by adding or modifying subtitles, emojis, and adjusting the size and position of the visuals to meet personalized needs.
  • Multiple Aspect Ratio Outputs: Offers various video resolution options to suit different platforms and viewing habits, such as 1:1, 9:16, etc., making it easy to create videos for various social media platforms.
  • Multi-Camera Function: Supports displaying multiple cameras simultaneously, ideal for interviews or conversation scenes, allowing users to show both the interviewer and interviewee in one video.
  • Picture-in-Picture Effect: Users can set up picture-in-picture effects, such as placing the host’s avatar anywhere on the video, suitable for reaction shows and game streams.
  • Auto Title and Description Generation: Automatically generates titles and descriptions based on video content, helping users quickly prepare for video publishing.

How to Use Spikes Studio

  1. Visit the Website: Go to Spikes Studio and register/login.
  2. Upload Video: Paste the URL of a long video or upload a local video, Spikes will automatically recognize the video length.
  3. Choose Subtitle Style: Select subtitle style and then click “Generate Clips” to create video segments.
  4. Edit and Export: Edit the generated videos as needed and export them.

Spikes Studio Pricing

  • Basic Plan: Free, allows uploading 30 minutes of video per month, provides 720P video export with watermark, automatic subtitles, and basic editing features.
  • Pro Plan: From $14.10 per month if billed annually, allows uploading 300 minutes of video per month, provides 1080P video export without watermark, AI B-Roll, GIF and animations, video transcription, and 90 days of cloud storage.
  • Enterprise Plan: From $56.4 per month if billed annually, allows uploading 1200 minutes of video per month, includes all Pro features plus 4K video export, advanced video editor, custom templates, and unlimited video storage.

Target Audience for Spikes Studio

  • Video Bloggers and Content Creators: Regularly producing and publishing videos can use Spikes Studio to quickly extract highlights from long videos and create social media-friendly short video content.
  • Social Media Managers: Those managing brand or business social media accounts can use this tool to improve the efficiency and quality of content publishing, attracting more attention and interaction.
  • Podcast Creators: Individuals or teams producing audio and video podcasts can use Spikes Studio to edit and optimize their shows for different platforms.
  • Game Streamers: Game streamers can use Spikes Studio to edit their live streams and create exciting game highlights or tutorial videos.
  • Educational Institutions and Trainers: Online education content providers can use this tool to edit and optimize teaching videos, making them more concise and digestible.
  • Corporate Video Production Teams: Internal video production teams can use Spikes Studio to handle videos of company events, product introductions, or internal training, improving work efficiency.
  • News and Media Agencies: News agencies can use Spikes Studio to quickly produce news summaries or highlight moments, responding promptly to current events and hot topics.


  • Is Spikes Studio Free? Yes, Spikes Studio offers a free version allowing 30 minutes of video editing per month.
  • Which Platforms Does Spikes Studio Support for Importing Videos? Currently supports importing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Google Drive, etc.
  • Which Languages Does Spikes Studio Support? Supports 99 languages, including English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, and more.

For more information, visit Spikes Studio.

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