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AI transforms live video into oil painting style animation


What is EbSynth?

EbSynth is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to transform video footage into stylized, hand-painted animation. Developed by Secret Weapons, EbSynth is designed to assist artists and animators in creating unique, stylized animations by applying the style of a painted keyframe to the rest of the video sequence. This process allows for the creation of visually stunning animations without the need for frame-by-frame painting, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

Key Features of EbSynth

  1. Style Transfer from Keyframes:
    • Allows users to apply the style of a single painted keyframe to the entire video sequence. This means artists can paint a few keyframes and let EbSynth handle the rest, preserving the unique artistic style throughout the video.
  2. High-Quality Output:
    • Ensures that the transferred style is applied consistently and accurately, maintaining high visual quality and artistic integrity.
  3. Easy Integration:
    • Can be easily integrated into existing workflows. Artists can use their preferred painting tools to create keyframes and then use EbSynth to apply these styles to their videos.
  4. Support for Complex Movements:
    • Handles complex camera movements and changes in lighting, ensuring the stylized look is consistent across different frames and scenes.
  5. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Designed to be accessible and straightforward, allowing artists to focus on their creative process without being bogged down by complicated technical details.


  • Artistic Animation:
    • Ideal for creating animated films, music videos, or any project that requires a unique, hand-painted look.
  • Video Enhancement:
    • Can be used to enhance live-action footage with artistic styles, making it suitable for commercials, video games, and other multimedia projects.
  • Concept Art and Pre-Visualizations:
    • Useful for visualizing concepts and creating pre-visualizations for projects, giving a clear idea of the final look and feel.

How to Use EbSynth

  1. Prepare Your Footage:
    • Start with a video sequence that you want to stylize.
  2. Create Keyframes:
    • Paint or style a few keyframes using your preferred painting software. These keyframes will guide EbSynth in transferring the style to the entire sequence.
  3. Run EbSynth:
    • Import the keyframes and the video sequence into EbSynth. The software will analyze the keyframes and apply the style to the rest of the video.
  4. Review and Refine:
    • Review the output and make any necessary adjustments. You can refine the keyframes or add more if needed to ensure the style is consistent.
  5. Export the Final Animation:
    • Once satisfied with the results, export the final stylized animation for use in your project.

Pricing and Availability

EbSynth is available for free download on its official website. Users can start creating stylized animations without any initial cost, making it accessible for both hobbyists and professionals.

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