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HeyGen is a popular AI-driven digital human video creation platform dedicated to simplifying the video production process, enabling users to quickly create professional-grade digital human videos. The core advantage of this tool lies in its advanced artificial intelligence technology, which not only grants users complete control over the digital characters in their videos but also provides a rich library of resources, including diverse backgrounds, illustrations, and text templates, to support users in crafting personalized promotional videos.


The main features of HeyGen.

  • Real-time digital human video production: Upload or record your personalized video, and you can quickly generate an exclusive digital avatar that closely resembles the user’s appearance and voice.
  • Studio digital human videos: Professional studio digital human video production that meets high standards in both detail handling and overall effects.
  • Multilingual translation and voiceover for videos: Support for multilingual translation of video content, along with professional voiceover services, ensuring accurate message delivery, crossing language barriers, and reaching global audiences.
  • Voice cloning: Users can upload video clips to create and clone AI voices, supporting voice cloning in 25 languages (such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.).
  • Mouth-synced photo-digitals: Allow users to transform static photos into dynamic and engaging photo-digitals, making the photo subjects appear as if they are speaking, using advanced mouth-syncing technology.
  • Text-to-speech: Provide text-to-speech functionality, converting written text into lively speech, supporting over 40 languages and 300 voices, suitable for various scenarios.
  • Extensive video template library: Over 300 video templates covering various styles and themes, allowing users to easily select suitable templates and quickly create professional-level video content.

How to generate digital humans using HeyGen.

  1. Visit the official website of HeyGen (, click on “Get started” to start using it for free.
  2. Log in/register your account, and you will be directed to the dashboard interface. Click on “Free Instant Avatar” to start generating.
  3. Choose between video guidance or text guidance, then upload or record video materials.
  4. Record the consent declaration video and upload it, then click submit.
  5. After approval, wait for around 5 minutes, and your digital avatar will be created.


  • Free version: Provides 1 free credit (1 credit generates approximately 1 minute of video) and allows the use of 1 real-time digital avatar.
  • Creator version: Starting from $29 per month (equivalent to $24 per month with annual subscription), includes 15 credits per month (180 credits with annual subscription), faster video processing speed, and 3 real-time digital avatars.
  • Business version: Starting from $89 per month (equivalent to $72 per month with annual subscription), includes 30 credits per month (360 credits with annual subscription), supports up to 3 users, 4K resolution, brand kit, and team collaboration.


The application scenarios of HeyGen


  • Explanatory Instruction: Digital humans can simulate real presenters, providing clear explanations and guidance to enhance interactive and efficient learning experiences.
  • Marketing: Leveraging the image and voice of digital humans to enhance the delivery and memorability of information, thereby increasing marketing effectiveness and brand influence.
  • Corporate Training: Through customized digital human videos, enterprises can convey complex operational processes or corporate culture, making training materials more vivid and easy to understand.

In summary, whether it’s for product demonstrations, corporate presentations, or educational training, HeyGen provides the necessary tools and resources to help users complete digital human and voiceover video production with unprecedented speed and convenience. This enables them to stand out in the competitive digital media landscape.

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