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AI video generation and redrawing tool to support text / image to video


What is Haiper?

Haiper AI Video Generator is an intelligent tool designed to simplify the video creation process. Founded by former Google DeepMind and Tiktok engineers/scientists, it supports features like text-to-video generation, image-to-video transformation, and video re-stylization. Haiper AI aims to build a perception foundation model, providing a solid base for the future of content creators, helping them quickly turn creative ideas into reality, making video production more convenient and efficient.

Key Features of Haiper

  1. Text-to-Video Generation:
    • By entering a short text prompt, Haiper AI can understand the user’s idea and turn it into video content. This feature makes creative expression more direct, without the need for complex video editing skills.
  2. Multiple Video Styles:
    • Supports various styles such as cinematic, watercolor, cyberpunk, impressionism, cartoon animation, and steampunk, meeting different users’ aesthetic needs and creative expressions.
  3. Dynamic Image Animation:
    • By uploading a static image to Haiper AI, users can add dynamic effects to make it more lively and interesting. The conversion process is simple and quick, making image stories more engaging.
  4. Video Restylization:
    • Haiper AI offers a video restylization feature, allowing users to add new elements or change the style of old videos. Users can easily adjust the colors, textures, and other visual elements of videos, bringing a new visual experience.

How to Use Haiper to Generate Videos

  1. Visit Haiper AI’s Website:
  2. Select the Desired Feature:
    • After logging in, choose the feature you want to use in the video creation backend interface. For example, select “Create Video with Text” for text-to-video generation.
  3. Enter Text and Settings:
    • Input a text description, set the Seed value, and choose the video duration.
  4. Create Video:
    • Click the “Create” button and wait for the video to be generated.
  5. Alternative Method:
    • You can also join Haiper AI’s Discord channel to generate videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Haiper free?
    • Haiper is currently free to use, but a paid version may be launched in the future.
  • How long can Haiper generate videos?
    • Haiper currently supports generating 2-second or 4-second videos. An “Extend Video” feature will be launched later to extend the video duration.
  • What is the resolution of Haiper-generated videos?
    • Haiper supports generating videos with a resolution of 1280*720.
  • Which platforms does Haiper support?
    • Haiper AI currently supports usage through the online web version, Discord server, and iOS mobile app.

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