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Enhance Your Images with Artificial Intelligence

With PhotoAid’s image upscaler, you can enhance your pictures without compromising quality. Our software excels particularly with images containing faces (we dare say, the best in the world!), but it’s also effective for other types of images. Simply upload your image, and our algorithm will double its size. For instance, if a picture is 1000 x 1000 px, it will become 2000 x 2000 px. Without AI, the result would typically be blurred or pixelated, but thanks to AI, it’s smooth and visually appealing. Plus, you can do it all without downloading any software; your browser is all you need.

Why is Our Picture Resizer Free?

At PhotoAiD, we’ve developed advanced photo software, including numerous AI photo tools as well as some simpler ones, which we utilize for processing and verifying biometric photos. Recognizing the potential usefulness of these tools on their own, we decided to give back to the community and contribute to making the world a (little bit) better place. Feel free to use our online photo tools or others that we’ve shared. If you find them helpful, spread the word to others. And, of course, if you require a biometric photo—such as a passport photo, visa photo, ID photo, etc.—visit You’ll save time, money, and end up with a passport photo you’ll love.

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