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Cody is an AI code assistant introduced by Sourcegraph, a code search and browsing tool. It helps developers write code and answer questions by reading the entire codebase and code graph. Cody combines Sourcegraph’s code graph and large language models (LLMs) to eliminate tedious tasks in manual development and maintain developers’ workflow.

You can think of Cody as your code assistant. This automated programming tool has read all the open-source code, all the questions on StackOverflow, and the entire codebase of developers. It can answer questions encountered during development or suggest some methods based on prior knowledge.

Main Features of Cody

Cody acts like ChatGPT in your code editor, helping you program better and faster.

  1. AI-Generated Code: Cody can generate everything from boilerplate code to API parsers based on the context and style of the codebase. It can also fix errors, improve readability, or handle edge cases in code blocks.
  2. Automatic Unit Test Generation: Cody can write unit tests, saving developers time to focus on building software.
  3. Code Information Explanation: Cody can explain the functionality of code at a high level or in detail. It can highlight any code block or entire file and explain what’s happening in conversational language.
  4. Programming Language Translation: Developers can provide Cody with a code snippet, such as a function. Cody can translate that code, providing a snippet in another language with the same functionality.

How to Use Cody

Using Cody is very simple. Currently, Cody can be used on Sourcegraph’s web platform and in VS Code.

Install the Cody Extension for VS Code

  1. Install the extension: Add the Cody extension from the VS Code marketplace.
  2. Open Cody: Open Cody from the activity bar or use the shortcut Alt + / or Opt + / and log in.
  3. Use Chat or Recipes: Click on Chat or Recipes (built-in commands) to start using Cody.

Cody provides significant support for developers by automating repetitive tasks, explaining code, and facilitating language translation, making it a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency in software development.

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