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DeepL launches AI-powered writing assistant


DeepL Write is an article polishing and intelligent editing tool launched by the well-known AI translation tool DeepL in January 2023. It helps writers write clearly, accurately, and confidently. Users can use DeepL Write to refine their writing with a single click. It currently supports British English, American English, and German, with more languages to be added in the future.

Main Features of DeepL Write

DeepL Write is an AI writing tool designed to improve written communication in English and German. Write not only addresses grammatical issues but also provides suggestions on wording, tone, style, and word choice, giving you control over your writing.

  • Corrects grammar and punctuation errors
  • Allows you to choose your translation style
  • Creatively rewrites entire sentences
  • Provides accurate phrasing through Write’s suggested rewrites

How to Use DeepL Write

Upon entering the DeepL Write interface, users can input text in the left text area. DeepL Write will then check the input on the left and provide an improved version of the text in the right text area. The system automatically detects the language of your writing, but you can also change it using the language selector above the left text area. Changes made by DeepL Write will be highlighted in green in the right text area. You can also choose alternative wording for individual words or entire sentences.

DeepL Write also allows you to rewrite text in another variant of the same language. Currently, this feature supports British English and American English. Simply input your text in the left text area, select the desired version using the language selector above this area, and DeepL Write will rewrite the input text according to the conventions of the selected variant.

Is DeepL Write Free?

DeepL Write is currently in beta testing and is completely free to use. Any user can access it, with free users able to rewrite up to 2,000 characters at a time.

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