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What is WritingPal?

WritingPal (known as 墨宝 in Chinese) is a high-quality English writing AI assistant specifically designed for international students. It was incubated by the Harvard Innovation Lab and developed by an experienced Harvard founding team known as Dream Space. This AI writing assistant aims to help international students tackle various English writing challenges, including but not limited to study application essays, job resumes, job applications, and academic assignments.

Main Features of WritingPal

  1. Ready-to-Use Templates:
    • The platform offers a wealth of document templates. By inputting basic personal background information in either Chinese or English, WritingPal can quickly generate high-quality, personalized documents, such as American undergraduate applications, British graduate applications, summer school applications, cover letters, UC applications, and more.
  2. Customized Resume Generation:
    • WritingPal can quickly generate professional resumes based on the personal information and career goals provided by the user. This feature allows users to create customized resumes suitable for different job applications, saving time and effort.
  3. Application Essay Writing:
    • For students preparing to study abroad, WritingPal offers essay writing services. The AI assistant can create persuasive application essays based on the user’s background, experiences, and goals, increasing the chances of acceptance.
  4. Text Polishing and Grammar Checking:
    • WritingPal’s built-in algorithms can help users improve grammatical errors and sentence structures in their writing, refining the text to a level close to that of a native speaker’s English writing quality.
  5. Support for Chinese and English Input:
    • WritingPal supports both Chinese and English input, meaning users can describe their thoughts and experiences in Chinese, and the AI assistant will help translate them into fluent English text.
  6. Personalized Writing Suggestions:
    • WritingPal can provide personalized writing suggestions and templates based on the user’s writing style and needs, helping users better express their ideas.

How to Use WritingPal

  1. Visit the WritingPal website (, and click on the login/register button.
  2. After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to the backend interface; click the “Start Now” button.
  3. Choose a document template and fill in the relevant descriptions and content.
  4. Finally, click the generate button to create your document.


  • Free Version: New users receive 10 free points (referred to as ink). Each document writing task consumes 1-3 ink points.
  • Paid Version:
    • 30 points for ¥2099.3
    • 90 points for ¥6299.3
    • 150 points for ¥10079.3

WritingPal is designed to be a comprehensive and user-friendly tool to help international students improve their English writing skills and ease the process of creating various important documents.

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