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AI writing application based on ChatGPT


ParagraphAI is a sophisticated AI-powered writing assistant developed to enhance the writing process for users across various platforms. Leveraging advanced AI technology, ParagraphAI provides a suite of features designed to streamline and improve text creation, editing, and communication.

Key Features

  1. Create: ParagraphAI can generate any form of text, from casual messages to professional emails, with ease. This feature helps users quickly draft content by simply providing a topic or prompt, making it an invaluable tool for writers and professionals alike.
  2. Edit: This feature allows users to fine-tune their text in real-time, adjusting formality, friendliness, length, and other aspects to match their unique voice and style. It ensures that the text is not only grammatically correct but also aligned with the desired tone and intent.
  3. Fix: With a single tap, users can correct all grammar mistakes without the need for meticulous word-by-word oversight. This feature sets ParagraphAI apart from other grammar correction tools by offering a quick and comprehensive solution to enhance writing quality.
  4. Reply: This functionality enables users to craft perfect replies to emails and messages instantly. By understanding the context and desired tone, ParagraphAI helps users respond efficiently and effectively, saving time and ensuring professional communication.
  5. Translate: ParagraphAI supports over 40 languages, allowing users to personalize language settings for both input and output. This makes it a versatile tool for multilingual communication and content creation.
  6. History: Users can save, revisit, and manage their favorite texts across all devices, ensuring that their best writing moments are always accessible.


ParagraphAI is available on multiple platforms:

  • Mobile Apps: The app is available on iOS and Android, bringing the power of AI-assisted writing to users on-the-go.
  • Chrome Extension: The Chrome extension integrates seamlessly with web browsers, enabling users to enhance their writing directly within their favorite web applications like Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, and more.
  • AI Keyboard: The AI keyboard works across various mobile apps, providing instant access to editing, replying, and fixing features within any text field.

Privacy and Security

ParagraphAI places a high priority on user privacy. It adheres to stringent data protection standards, ensuring that user data is not sold, used, or shared for advertising purposes. The AI models used by ParagraphAI have a zero data retention policy, meaning user inputs are not stored or used for training purposes.

User Testimonials

Users from various fields have praised ParagraphAI for its ability to improve writing quality and reduce the time spent on drafting and editing. From small business owners to educators and customer service representatives, many have found it to be a game-changing tool for enhancing their written communication.

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