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Exactly AI: Advanced AI-Powered Content Creation Platform


Exactly AI is an AI platform aimed at artists and illustrators, leveraging machine learning to help users train personalized AI models for quickly generating artworks in their unique styles. The platform emphasizes copyright protection, ensuring that all uploaded images, trained AI models, and generated images remain the property of the creator. Additionally, Exactly AI offers a commercial model enabling artists to scale their work and monetize through a subscription service.

Key Features

1. Personalized AI Model Training

Artists can upload their own sample images to train personalized AI models that deeply understand and replicate their unique creative styles.

2. Image Quality and Detail Enhancement

The platform provides tools to enhance image resolution, elevating the generated results to professional quality. It also supports converting sketches into full images, saving valuable creation time.

3. Variety and Customization

Users can choose from pre-trained artist style models available on the platform or train their own AI models according to their specific needs.

4. Batch Image Generation

Artists can use their AI models to generate images in bulk, significantly improving creation efficiency, especially for projects requiring a large number of similar style images.

5. High-Resolution Image Generation

Users can download high-resolution images and simultaneously create and edit multiple images on the drawing board.

6. Image Editing

Users can select specific areas of an image for re-creation or editing, using new prompts to improve or reconstruct that part. They can also remove unwanted elements to ensure the final work’s perfect presentation.

7. Sketch to Image Conversion

Exactly AI allows users to convert simple hand-drawn sketches or uploaded sketches into complete, high-resolution artworks. The AI will automatically add details, including lighting effects, textures, and color layers.

8. Copyright Protection

Exactly AI emphasizes that artists retain full copyright over their uploaded images, trained AI models, and generated images.

9. Commercialization Support

Artists can scale their artworks through Exactly AI, selling or licensing their designs to media, advertising agencies, and other clients.

How to Use Exactly AI for Image Generation

  1. Visit the Website Access Exactly AI’s official website and click “Sign in” or “Try for free” to register or log in.
  2. Choose a Model After logging in, select a community-provided model for image generation or upload images to train a new model.
  3. Enter a Prompt Input a prompt, click “Create” to generate an image, and wait for the result.
  4. Edit and Download Edit and download the generated images as needed.


1. Basic Plan

  • Free to use
  • Includes 3 personal AI models
  • Total of 25 generations
  • Image resolution up to 1080×1080

2. Standard Plan

  • $20 per month
  • Includes 5 personal AI models per month
  • 250 generations per month
  • Private generation
  • High-resolution image support up to 4K
  • Early access to new features

3. Pro Plan

  • $50 per month
  • Unlimited personal AI models
  • Unlimited generations
  • Private generation
  • High-resolution image support up to 4K
  • Early access to new features

For more pricing details, please visit the Exactly AI Pricing Page.

Target Users

1. Artists

Provides tools for artists pursuing personalized and innovative expressions, helping them quickly realize their creative visions while protecting their work’s copyrights.

2. Illustrators

Illustrators can train their AI models to generate illustrations consistent with their style, enhancing work efficiency and creative diversity.

3. Brand Design Teams

Brand design teams can use the platform’s AI technology to quickly produce visual content consistent with brand style, maintaining brand image unity and professionalism.

4. Design Agencies

Design agencies can provide customized visual solutions for clients through Exactly AI, enhancing design efficiency and work quality to meet diverse client needs.

5. Freelance Illustrators

Freelance illustrators can expand their creative range, take on more projects, and maintain the uniqueness and individuality of their work using the platform’s AI models.

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