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Introduction to Civitai


Civitai is an online platform and community dedicated to AI-generated image creation and art sharing. Users can upload and share custom models they’ve trained using their own data (primarily based on Stable Diffusion), as well as browse, download, and comment on models created by others. This platform serves as a space for artists, designers, and AI enthusiasts to explore, showcase, and collaborate on AI-generated artwork. With its diverse features and growing community, Civitai has become an essential platform for those interested in AI and creative arts, attracting over 10 million users per month.

Key Features

  1. Extensive Collection of SD Lora Models: Civitai hosts thousands of unique and high-quality Stable Diffusion models available for selection and download, with direct links for running on different platforms.
  2. Diverse Image Styles: The platform offers a vast array of user-generated AI images, including landscapes, illustrations, photography, 3D, architecture, and sci-fi styles.
  3. Active User Community: Civitai provides a vibrant community where over 10 million artists and AI enthusiasts exchange ideas, collaborate, and share their creations every month.
  4. Powerful Content Search Engine: The integrated search engine allows users to find specific AI models or generated artworks quickly, saving time and aiding in the discovery of relevant content.

Common Questions

What does “Civitai” mean? The term “Civitai” combines “Civit,” derived from the Latin word “Civitas,” meaning community, with “AI,” representing artificial intelligence. Thus, it signifies an AI community.

Is Civitai free? Yes, Civitai is currently completely free to use, allowing users to freely browse and download models and images on the platform.

How is content moderated on Civitai? Civitai employs automatic content tagging, community review, and manual moderation. Users can also filter or hide sensitive content according to their preferences.

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