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Freepik AI Image Generator


Freepik AI Image Generator is an online tool launched by the well-known creative resource website Freepik, which provides materials such as videos, photos, and illustrations. This AI image generator allows users to create unique images using text descriptions. By simply entering a textual description in the input box, users can obtain stunning images in the corresponding artistic style.

Key Features

1. Easy to Use

Anyone can easily get started. By entering a description in the input box, users can unleash the potential to create unique images, opening new possibilities for art, design, and creativity.

2. Inspiration References

The homepage provides a series of AI-generated images in different styles, along with corresponding prompt suggestions, helping users quickly generate the desired images.

3. Multiple Styles

Four different styles are built-in: realistic photos, digital art, illustrations, and 3D styles, catering to diverse creative needs.

4. Image Editing and Processing

The generated images can be further edited online by clicking “Edit Online.” Users can crop, flip, rotate, add text/elements, and adjust contrast/brightness/saturation, among other editing options.

How to Use Freepik AI Image Generator

1. Visit the Official Website

Access the Freepik AI Image Generator’s official website.

2. Enter Description

Input the description of the image you want to generate in the input box, select the style, and click the “Generate” button.

3. Login or Register

If you are not logged in, the website will automatically redirect to Freepik’s login page. After successful login or registration, you will be directed to the image generation page.

4. Generate Images

Freepik will generate four alternative images by default, which you can choose from and download.


1. Free Plan

  • Users are allowed to generate images three times a day for free, with four alternatives provided for each generation.

2. Premium Plan

  • Monthly payment: €8.99 per month.
  • Annual payment: €107.88 per year.
  • The Premium plan allows up to 10 image generations per day.
  • Additionally, users can download unlimited resources from the Freepik platform.


Freepik AI Image Generator is a powerful online tool that offers extensive possibilities in art, design, and creativity. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this tool can help you quickly generate high-quality images and further edit and optimize them online. Its inspiration references and multiple style options make the creative process more convenient and diverse.

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